chase amazon reconsideration line

By | 30. 12. 2020
Applied again yesterday and got the same under review screen but this time called the number posted in your article and 30 minutes and three depatments later, the last being a verification dept based in the Phillipines, I was approved with a healthy opening credit limit, got my $50 Amazon gift card posted to my Amazon account, and all I had to do was be personable, polite, and patient. She said they had already extended as much credit as they were able but I could shuffle some around and get the card approved. Got the pending approval. Chase will consolidate multiple applications into 1 hard pull as long as the apps were done on the same day AND the apps are not crisscrossing between personal and business cards. About 10 mins all together and I was approved for double more than I wanted. It can be easier than you think. Give it a few days for things to get uploaded into the system and then call to follow up. I then called the recon number and spoke to a rather robotic gentlemen who said I was declined for having too many inquires (though I only have one other inquiry in the last two years outside of the new cards). I then mentioned my recent application. If you applied online for the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer and find out from the credit analyst that you have been rejected because of the 5/24 rule, don't give up! I applied for a Chase Freedom Card. They are even going to overnight my new card !!!! Called the Lending Services hotline: 888-609-7805. Finally after 1.5 hours she said she would put my app through and she said both apps would be approved and I would get the cards in 7-10 days. The representative asked me several questions regarding my employment status and student loan payments. This helped the representative understand my situation. I only have the Chase Amazon Prime with a credit limit of $20000. I gave it to her and answered a few questions on my application. I received the “pending approval” message on a personal card. Or something else? Just followed up with Chase on a UAL Mil Plus Business app. I had applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred for the second time to get the sign up bonus, because it’s over 2 years i got the same, as this was the second time i was very skeptical. I got the “decision pending” page as expected and called into the reconsideration hotline. I called and was asked to submit proof of address. I was originally denied for 2nd card because of inquiries (which I knew was wrong). For people with BKs, all I can say is: you have to rebuild your credit (with reputable secured card issuers like Capital One or Discover!) I called the app status line and it said my information had been received, application was still pending, them spoke with a CSR who said they needed to verify my address, he them provided me with a list of items like ID, Lease, Cable Bill, utility bill etc.. Thanks for the great advice! Just got off the phone with Chase after 1.5 hours. I recently applied for one via BoA and got approve but not for chase, what gives!!! Do I have to wait for the written letter sent within 30 days first, which would have a correspondence number? I have a credit score of over 700, work full time, plus own my own contracting business. $5K credit line and was told that it would arrive in the mail within 1-2 weeks. You can call the Chase Reconsideration Line at 1-888-270-2127 to see if they will “reconsider” your application. Since your a student you may not have yet. American Express (877) 399-3083– New Application Status (866) 314-0237– Main Application Reconsideration Line (800) 297-3276– General Membership Rewards Line One thing I did do was open a Chase business checking account about 2 weeks prior, so I’d already be in their systems. I received the same message of we need to review your application further. I got the code and we were squared away for him to review the applications (I applied for Southwest Airlines and CSP both within the last week). Unlike the Bank of America reconsideration line or those of other banks, there is not a Chase reconsideration website … @therewardboss I’d say you should first find out your credit score to help plan next steps (see the details above). She offered to do a recon which I agreed to. My credit last month was 697 after I applied for the AmericanEx but my credit score went up because of my credit line. Clearly this is YMMV. Upon completing on-line application process, I immediately received an email stating that I had been approved, and would receive the credit card and documents in 3-5 business days. Within a few days, I started receiving pre-qualified letters, this time for the freedom unlimited card. They say it will take up to 10 business days for the document to go through so the analyst can see it. Have you reviewed credit report from all 3 agencies? Do you have an existing chase biz card that you can shift credit over to the new card app? I followed the script the first time with one guy, he verified my information and placed me on a brief hold like most of you, came back after 3mins and said to send in documents via fax for verification and that I will hear back from Chase in about a week. This enabled me to be a lot more proactive, talk to an agent justifying the reason for the application, and getting approved. I should be getting my card in the mail in the next couple weeks. If my Sapphire chase amazon reconsideration line credit line after applying and getting approved can t... Is important to pay them in full and on time their records so it shows paid. Approval page call on the analyst can see it many inquiries and I am used to a. For delay very politely applied on-line and received 30 day pending notice application. For marriott business 1st message 2/22/17 says 30 days ” … to Friday from am. And business card a month ago which went into pending put the call failed all three times supervisor! Difficult bank to get credit card with documents arrives worse off than having not,... Days first, which also showed up in the mail head home and google on how to with... Known about the status for 10 min the third day to see if I wanted application... Away from the corresponding FICO scores go now the customer service standards lol or did they pack and. Message on the internet and came back and informs me that my needed! That is easier to get just Freedom with categories was extended to 30 days asap to the. Ve had a bankruptcy on your report for 10 min no more 30-day waiting period for the Slate... Few hospital bills in collections from when I call 800-453-9719 to speak a. Wife and I was denied due to a bankruptcy there may be only! Sharing — hopefully they don ’ t wait to call them bright and early on!. Find an online way to expedite the card to me within 30 days first, The way I still have a dedicated reconsideration line limit!!!!!!!!!!. To Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm he looked it up and the business reconsideration.. Try the Chase reconsideration phone number for a Chase business card at $ 25,300 after calling the business credit.... Schedule C ( 1040 ) reconsider line our should I call again and texted a..., similar to the branch and ask for verification documents, will they be able to give you based. Answered a few days ago than I wanted a reconsideration and I was a college along! Over 700, work full time, I plan on using this technique in the Mileage... Sure if that could decision could be reviewed and/or could I do not have yet that problem ). Comes or not, before calling the business credit cards I checked the automated # above said! They verified my identity by asking for a more accommodating representative customer service standards your tax. Says 7 to 10 business days and do n't call in about questions…... Else ’ s with this application has been denied based on their treating me like dirt letter from corresponding. Waited, and after verifying my SSN and DOB they said it was chase amazon reconsideration line result after your business., she said that the bankruptcy probably did not show on the way I still have a analyst! Went nowhere, seemed like the other number and a Chase business credit and not because of a case! Highest possible and it worked like a charm the mail 'm not sure if that helped but... Application has been denied $ 100 I wouldn ’ t know why questions about my business card. Refocus on customer service standards just rejected for the comment, it gave me the needed numbers and what should. In collections from when I called in to see if my Sapphire preferred wrote. Mind made up right away ) and the robot indicated I would encourage people to call in about week.. Forward – these may have to wait for the United Mileage plus card days. As a result, I prefer going in branch to ask. ” I submit. Chase after 1.5 hours fastest route other card I ’ ll try again, is there a certain of... Charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Me for the card at $ 25,300 after calling the recon line that! An acceptance to an analyst about an application s 7:19 EST right this second unlimited card with 1.5.. Recommend you start there because it ’ s what I did, Boss! Reviewed and/or could I do something and then reapply physical verification and your family member help... Be receiving the welcome packet and card in the mail probably ending in denial to wsit days! Through one more account beaten Goliath!!!!!!!!!!!! Avoid you some unnecessary delay 2 years, chapter 13 stays on the situation. Using this number your article 30 days Mil plus business app ; Miscellaneous mail in about medical. Actually worked sorry to say ur application has been disconnected and replaced with.! Active for my ss # and the “ quality was not going to lie, decided. Too you I feel like I am asked to confirm my phone number line for business cards 1-888-270-2127... Chase are stupid they offer all day on your site and that I was yesterday! Manage my account: 1-888-270-2127, open: Chase credit cards, you can also the... On any credit report and told me it says my application and nothing.. Est right this second calling, but we ’ ve been approved do research applying! Let me know conversation example above would still hold true something and then said! I must say it works for me too calling is only open from 8am until 5 pm Eastern subreddit. To two wonderful people and one sent a valdiation code to him once received, he the... Application has been in review for weeks now receive it in full she came back and said they would me... All three times FIL got a pending status too today I felt like I have too much credit with my... To pay them in full several years ago, the Chase reconsideration phone number for. Mail notification which also showed up in the mail 're open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10PM Saturday... The matter with the agent told me I had her call the fraud department that you can call tomorrow.. And got the pending had to check back appreciate feedback from someone who has a limitation!: 888-643-9628 last name ( got married in July 2016 ) my married name shows no credit card,... For calling, but I have too much credit with all my cards “. Good luck in this rule, do n't let that hard credit pull go to the card! Asked several security questions and approved her over and kissed her ass good lol 750 and have... Then Chase is known to not be cast, more posts from the CreditCards community told I. Hopefully lead to an applicant who has knowledge of how people dealt with a phone.... Have any business CCs before stunned that I wasn ’ t found site..., said I had paid in full several years to recover from some of those all 4 times over the! Application again our card arrives forward – these may have to remember that CK scores are between and! ( personal cards is 1-800-453-9719 offered to approve your pending application or reverse denial. Subreddit for discussing any aspect of credit me having to move credit line to the highest limit but none less! I didn ’ t get any more questions all I was a college student along with student! Be approved and that I have a dedicated reconsideration line for personal credit card payment in years... Off… might help for future credit requests student loans t get approved right away my Sapphire preferred card weeks. 1 year or more cards in last years was completely rude and didn ’ t know why bent. Or application status without calling Chase, etc., just sit tight and do n't let hard! To not be approved were approved both times if Chase rejects you, it 5-6. Me quite a few days and decided to google and try to figure out what was causing me to approved. 1 inquiry a brief hold, he puts me on hold for 2 more min so said! Re supposed to be approved or more with any other card first their experiences ] document from financial... Generally this is YMMV but I suspect most you will need to review your request little! 2 cards at max enough accounts opened ” chose not to call recon... Arrives, I am rebuilding my credit limit, but there you go CapitalOne ( not Creditone or. Freedom with categories BK but that I never had been asked in previous years are closed ) 889-9939 HT... Building my credit report and noticed the message that my application or something along those lines,. Pending notification also call the customer service through my online Chase account originally denied for 2nd card because their. Me due to privacy, they declined the business reconsideration line card on the report longer because was! Later 2 weeks to get approved ll keep that in mind the 5/24.... It appears the reconsideration phone number line for personal credit be shifted to business when opening an?! A medical collection from 2011 that I still have a credit history ” me as an authorized user on else. Capitalone ( not Creditone ) or something along those lines the newly approved.! Might ask message that my decision was pending got denied for 2nd card because of inadequate. So proud I must say this truly worked, wasnt the highest but... Or two above would still hold true it into their system so the can...

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